I just wanted to say thank you for all your help from answering all of
my questions before buying Timmy and all the updates along the way
before I got him delivered,He's a handful! He's so full of energy!
He is either full play mode or asleep! He's been great with car rides,
he just sleeps the whole way & everyone that sees him falls in love

We are loving our little bundle of joy. She is so sweet and loving and
the perfect companion. Everywhere she goes we get compliments on how
adorable she is. We have a saying for her "little dog, big ideas."
Despite her large package, She's always into some adventure around the yard or the house. And post adventure she loves to curl up and

This year, our family decided to get a puppy and we decided we wanted
a Beagle. We searched for breeders and came
across your puppies. As first time puppy owners, we were concerned
about the responsibilities of the puppy, but you guys helped us
through the whole process. They helped us select a puppy that would be
a perfect fit for us among all the....

After losing a pet prematurely to illness I vowed never again to buy a
puppy from a pet store. I searched long and hard for a breeder who I
could trust. When I came across your webpage I studied it for months
and felt you were the right person based on the time and details you
put into your puppies. 

Wow God is grate after been scammed twice i was so skeptical and
discourage about getting a puppy again but thank God i found a friend
who got his puppies from beagle puppy home, (Terry) he told me the
where the best and i decided to contact them and try them, i came to discover that they are the best, my....

Megan is everything I wanted and then some. Cute, cuddly and spunky. I
will certainly be back with my father to get another one of your
little ones. It was worth every minute of the 2 hour round trip
drive!! She is so beautiful and has everything we want in a loving puppy.
Thank you again for everything. 


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